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There are a lot of things that we as streamers don’t know, would like to know and often need to know to help us in our path on becoming the best streamer possible. There’s a lot of things you should be doing and a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing. The list of things below is simply my own personal opinion or things that I’ve experienced personally along the way. These are by no means accusations of you or someone else doing these things if they are bad or wrong, and they also aren’t me saying that you must do these to be successful. They are simply things that I’ve learned and feel are worthy of writing down for others to look at and possibly learn from when it comes to their own streams.

Streamer Tip #1

Never be jealous of other people’s success. If you are jealous of someone else and whatever success they have, that means you are focusing too much on someone else instead of yourself, and that will lead you to fail. Always focus on yourself(health, mind, spirit) and your stream and your community. There’s always going to be others who are more successful than you. Strive to be like them and strive to build as good or as big of a community as they have. The time you spend focusing on someone else to a point that you are jealous of them, you could have spent that time focusing on yourself and your community and making it just as big or even bigger than what they have.

Streamer Tip #2

It’s considered rude and improper etiquette if you announce publicly in your channel when someone unfollows you, joins your channel for the first(or every) time, or when someone gets banned within the channel. There are bots that allow you to do this, for whatever reason, but it’s something that shouldn’t be used by any respectful streamer. Basically this shows to most everyone that your primary focus is on numbers and in my opinion if you’re focusing on numbers, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Announcing publicly if someone unfollows you isn’t something you want your viewers to see in any way as it’s just not positive at all. You also shouldn’t whisper them or anything similar if they unfollow you. If they unfollow you, they do it for a specific reason and calling them out in any way isn’t going to help bring them back. Along with this is having your bot publicly announce in your channel when someone gets banned. Simply don’t do it. Users can figure out if/when someone has been muted or banned on their own and don’t need to see some silly message making fun of them or calling them out that they got banned.

Streamer Tip #3

If you’re new to streaming, or even if you’ve been streaming for a while, you will most likely know what hosting someone means. If you don’t, that will be a discussion for another time. In my opinion, new or smaller streamers shouldn’t be hosting any big name streamer like Ninja, Shroud, King Gothalion, Ewok or anyone else of that size. It’s simply not going to benefit anyone in any way, including yourself. Those big name streamers aren’t going to say your name on their stream and they likely won’t even see when you host them as most of them have all of those types of alerts turned off. The only alerts they really have are for someone who subscribers or donates. So if you think hosting them gets your name on their stream in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of viewers, you are sadly mistaken in every way possible. Host your friends or members of your stream team or community who will actually appreciate it and mention you for doing so. While it’s not about them mentioning you on their stream, it’s about you trusting your community with their stream and their content.