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And So It Begins

All my life I’ve played video games of some sort, be it on a console, in the arcade or on a PC. I still play those video games today and while doing so I also stream to the Mixer platform.

I’ve often wanted to write about the video games I play, show off screenshots that I take within the games I play or even do reviews of video game products of various sorts.

Since I have put together a brand name for myself online over the last couple of years, I figured what better place to do those things than here on this site? is the place where all of those things and many more will happen going forward starting today. I’m hoping to provide screenshots from games that I play which currently include World Of Warcraft: Retail, Forza Horizon 4 and others. That list will surely change as time goes by.

I’m also hoping to start doing some video game accessory reviews as well. With me going to PAX South January 17th – 19th, 2020, I’m hoping to meet up with some video game accessory companies and get involved with them and to get some review items sent over shortly after.

For now, this site is ultimately a huge work in progress and you are likely going to see it go through many changes before I settle on an exact look, layout and theme. So I apologize now if you come here one day and see one thing, come back the next and see something totally different.

For now, if you’d like to get updates on things that I’m doing, the games I’m playing or just anything in general related to the DecryptedGamer brand, you can follow me on Twitter: DecryptedGamer or on Instagram: DecryptedGamer and check out everything that’s new.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for myself, my brand, my stream community and everything else. Hopefully you’ll be a part of that journey and join me!


Cliff Wade

My name is Cliff, also known as DecryptedGamer. I am a life long player of video games of all kinds. Starting back in the late 1970's when there was just the original Pong. I have played pretty much every console that has been released since then including all of the old school ones such as the Atari 2600, ColecoVision and many others. The Commodore 64 was what really changed my outlook on video games when I discovered Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, which is my favorite game of all time. I love anything and everything tech related and happen to do tech reviews from time to time as well.
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